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What Snowbird Medicare Coverage is Best for You

What Medicare coverage options are best for snowbirds?

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Snowbirds with Medicare coverage who travel to warmer places in the winter may want to change to a better plan. Maybe you travel out-of-state. Do you know how living in a different state affects your health coverage?

Original Medicare Vs Advantage Plan

Original Medicare parts A and B offer you nationwide health coverage. So, snowbirds can travel to other states and still have Medicare coverage.

However, Medicare Advantage Plans may limit coverage to a provider network . As a result, snowbirds could travel outside their network and lose health coverage

Snowbirds and Medicare Advantage Coverage

Some Medicare Advantage (MA) plans can provide better snowbird coverage than others. The best MA plan for you depends on how far you travel. For the best MA coverage, choose a plan with a network inside your travel area.

Snowbirds usually travel outside their local counties. If you have an HMO plan, you could lose coverage when you travel out-of-network. However, with a PPO plan, doctors outside your network but may cost you more.

Medicare HMO Coverage for Emergencies

Medicare HMO plans do cover emergency care outside your HMO network. So, Snowbirds who get transported by ambulance to the hospital emergency room can be covered by your HMO.

Medicare HMO Referrals

To see a specialist, Medicare HMO plans require you to see an in-network primary-care doctor. Fortunately for Snowbirds, Medicare telehealth services are available anywhere in the U.S. through December 31, 2024 . So, Snowbirds can use their phone or computer to make video or voice calls to doctors.

Medicare PPO Coverage

Medicare PPO coverage may be a better choice for snowbirds. PPO plans allow you to see out-of-network doctors and do not require referrals. However, out-of-network doctors may cost you more.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Snowbirds

A Medicare Supplement plan may be the best choice for Snowbirds. With a Medigap plan your monthly premiums remain the same wherever you travel in the United States. You can go to any doctor or hospital nationwide that accepts Medicare. Furthermore, Medigap plans require no referrals and you pay no copays or co-insurance costs (except for plans K, L and N).

Telehealth and Psychotherapy for Snowbirds

Snowbirds can escape the cold and keep the warmth of their local psychotherapist with Medicare telehealth services. Medicare Part B covers telehealth mental health services. With Original Medicare you pay 20% coinsurance and the Part B annual deductible.

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