Medigap Monday: Do you need a referral with a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Bob
No! You do not need a referral to see a specialist if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan.
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Say Goodbye to Referrals for Good!

Did you know that you do not need a referral to see a specialist if you have a Medicare Supplement? A referral is a special kind of pre-approval that individual health plan members must obtain from their chosen primary care physician before seeing a specialist or another doctor within the same network. Medicare Supplements are some of the best coverage available and have many benefits.

You can go to any doctor, hospital, or provider in the country that accepts Medicare. You will very rarely have a healthcare cost other than your monthly premium. (My favorite Supplement Plan is the Plan G -- once you pay the first $233 of your medical bills in 2022, you are done for the rest of the year!)

A Medicare Supplement plan, however, does have a higher monthly premium than a Medicare Advantage plan. A Supplement may be $100 per month. If you can afford the extra premium, MedicareBob says, "You will love having a Medicare Supplement Plan." YM10052101


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